Tibetan exiles' "Gangnam Style" video pokes fun at China's Xi Jinping during CCP's 18th congress

Tendor from Students for a Free Tibet says,

We're releasing this parody video titled, "Tibetans Challenge Xi Jinping - Gangnam Style." On the eve of China's leadership transition, amid the wave of Tibetan self-immolations, we felt we needed to inject a little humor and hope into an otherwise terrifying situation.

Video Link, more about the campaign here. The group's press release about the video, below.

On the eve of the CCP's 18th Party Congress, Students for a Free Tibet and the International Tibet Network release a parody video titled "Tibetans challenge Xi Jinping - Gangnam Style." A takeoff of Korean star Psy's uber-popular Gangnam Style, the video features China's heir apparent as a dimwit – a big-headed oaf whose only response to Tibetans' growing resistance is to arrest, beat and torture protestors. But Xi – like the four generations of undemocratic CCP heads before him – cannot stop Tibetans who are moving beyond fear and challenging the very foundations of Chinese rule in Tibet. Ultimately, the joke is on Xi Jinping, the soon to be leader of the unfree world and a remnant of authoritarian rulers of the past. Xi: Resolve the Tibet crisis now or Tibet will soon become your biggest headache.

About the making of this video: Using the power of humor and theater, this video highlights the cruelty and absurdity of the Chinese government's colonial policies in Tibet that have driven 63 Tibetans to set themselves on fire in protest of Chinese rule; 50 this year alone. It also depicts some of the creative protest tactics being used by Tibetans to challenge China's occupation, including a 2011 boycott of Chinese vegetable vendors. This video will be banned in China and Tibet but Beijing's censors cannot stop the truth from spreading: Xi Jinping, China's 5th generation leader will be the last to rule Tibet. Above all, this video is a call to action to the world, urging individuals and governments to help the Tibetan people in their nonviolent struggle for freedom.


  1. Why doesn’t the idiot PRC just give up on Tibet. I mean… they’re never ever going to like you, you know? So like, just leave.

  2. Tibet has vast deposits of natural resources which PRC is after.  Ethnic minorities in China make up a mere 6% of the country’s population but cover half the country’s territory, including the resource-rich western areas.  Tibet also serves as a strategic zone for military and domestic purposes – it has uranium deposits and also has reportedly been used as a testing ground for radiation’s effects on the human population.  And, of course, the Party insists that its colonization of Tibet is strictly for the benefit of the Tibetans and incurred at great cost to China.  There are obvious parallels with what European colonists did during their colonization of the Americas.

  3. We all live in nations where territories were gained in various ways. Our governments should relinquish territories as an example to other nation-states to do the same.

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