The iPod’s 4,000-lb grandfather


9 Responses to “The iPod’s 4,000-lb grandfather”

  1. DaughterNumberThree says:

    Best headline ever.

  2. ldobe says:

    Orchestrion: Jazz’s lesser known sidekick in Transformers.

  3. guitarchitect says:

    also cool is Pat Metheny’s modern re-invention, a room full of instruments controlled mostly with his guitar

  4. Stefan Jones says:

    Doctor Who and the Orchestrion Incursion was my FAVORITE Pertwee episode.

  5. Rich Keller says:

    Oh, crap… now I want to back to the House on the Rock.

  6. Rob Livingston says:

    Anyone in the Pittsburgh area (Rob!) interested in this sort of thing should visit the wonderful Bayernhof Museum.

  7. David Palmer says:

    No Wurlitzer. Less space than a Nickelodeon. Lame.

  8. kiptw says:

    Makers and steampunks could do worse than to look in on the Mechanical Music Digest, where the custodians of many fantastic instruments like this talk shop and wonder where the next generation of collectors will come from.

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