Anti-virus software tycoon John McAfee wanted for murder

In an update to the Gizmodo story Xeni pointed to last week, Salon reports that "eccentric anti-virus pioneer John McAfee is wanted by Belize police for murder."

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    1.  He has nowhere near that much money; he may not have as much as $7.7 million, although of course that’s nothing to sneeze at (for most of us). The Salon article is sloppy reporting (Salon has never been known for tech reporting); he cashed out of the company that bears his name for $100M well before the $7.7B sale to Intel, as the previous Gizmodo article points out, and has frittered much of that money away on one scheme after another.

  1. Actually, he is NOT wanted for murder, he is wanted for Questioning. Notice the difference! Until an arrest warrant is issued, and in this case it hasn’t been, you should stop jumping to conclusions. Reporting a story is different than inventing one.

    Locals suspect the well known gang members who have been providing “Security” in the area. Yes McAfee is a bit nutty, but as no warrant has been issued it is a bit premature to report that he is a murderer. 

  2. I thought I heard something really weird on Nightline tonight, that he is hiding under the sand on the beach with a cardboard box around his head so that he can breathe!?!? Is it plausible that I heard that, or am I hallucinating/ internally editing this from something else that was said?

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