Pong is better than...

Tim Rogers offers 10 games Pong is better than, including Angry Birds, Street Fighter, Madden, and, of course, Farmville.


    1. World of Warcraft the MMO maybe. But WOW on a personal server with playerbots and auctionbots that let you enjoy the game and indulge your introverted nature at the same time is one of the best RPGs ever.

  1. Pong is fantastic. When I was trying to learn a bit about writing video games I did a re-implementation of Pong. It’s amazing how dead simple it is yet still fun.

    1. Pong wasn’t actually written in the modern sense of the of, but implementes as a part-digital, part-analog circuit. 

      1.  Anything that can be done in hardware can be done in software, and visa-versa, it’s just that somethings make more sense in one medium rather than the other.

  2. Tim Rogers is great. He gave angry birds 4 stars on actionbutton.net. Read his review of Shadows of the Damned. It’s hilarious. I think he worked on that game, but he might be lying.

    1. I liked the review, and the site looks like it deserves a second look, but…is that actionbutton.net’s standard background image? Large parts of the image are the same colour as the text, making reading the reviews very difficult.  

  3. This appears to be primarily a long ad for their $1.99 iPhone/Android game which supposedly avoids most of these issues..

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