The Zombies and the Outer Limits are a good combination

One of my favorite things about YouTube is being able to listen to almost any old song I can think of. But most of the time the video that accompanies the song is either a spinning record, some text against a black backdrop, or a montage of blurry pictures with that damn Ken Burns effect. Boring! Why not show an Outer Limits clip with Jill Haworth instead?

[UPDATE: The Outer Limits clip shown here is from a 1963 episode called "The Sixth Finger." A website about The Outer Limits, called We are Controlling the Transmission, has a good article about this episode. Also, Amazon has a box set of the complete run of The Outer Limits for $42.33)

(Via Ivan Solotaroff)


  1. She should have stopped at two before “Caveman.”  Not completely bald, but with  a brain size suggesting advanced intelligence.  Maybe even telepathy or something.

  2. And of course staring the fabulous David McCallum as Illya Kuryakin from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. “Open Channel D, Open Channel D”

    Bonus Bond Trivia Ian Fleming was a consultant on The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

  3. “One of my favorite things about YouTube is being able to listen to almost any old song I can think of.”

    My least favorite thing about YouTube is being unable to listen to almost any song I can think of, because Germany (GEMA).

  4. A fine tradition!
    The first time I went down the youtube music rabbit hole I came out with this:
    -An assembly video of the Kracie Happy Kitchen (one of those amazing Japanese kit toys with a million steps, this one for making an edible miniature Happy Meal).

    -Mixed with Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

    It’s sort of the Garfield Minus Garfield effect.  Turns an otherwise innocuous video into an exploration of pathos, solitude, and lost youth.

  5. A grown-up Sally Draper making an Illya Kuryakin of her very own? Or is it Ducky Mallard in the Wayback machine?

  6. That was one of my favorite Outer Limits EVER. Because… David McCallum!! I learned a certain Bach prelude on piano because of this episode.  (The character apparently needed 12 fingers to play it well.  I managed it with 10.)

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