Kickstarter to revive Glorantha, old RPG that was eclipsed by D&D

Robert sez, "Glorantha is one of the oldest role-playing worlds in the history of the genre. Unfortunately, due to many reasons, the world never really found traction after D&D conquered RPGs back in the early 1980s. Now, thanks to Rick Meints of Moon Design Publications, they are finally beginning to get some traction again. Now the company has a Kickstarter raising funds for a complete guide to Glorantha (which has been needed for decades)."

The Kickstarter's already met its minimum, but there's lots of cool stuff in the stretch goals.

The Guide to Glorantha


  1. I met my wife at a Runequest game. (She was my best friend’s girlfriend at the time.)

    The gaming system for Runequest was pretty good. I also liked their Elric game that was based on the same system.

  2. Glorantha was around long before Runequest.

    I want to see a Kickstarter to get White Bear, Red Moon and Nomad Gods boardgames reprinted. And finally get Masters of Luck and Death onto the shelves!

      1.  Stretch goal: Recreate the original mimeograph rulebook!

        (I actually have three copies of White Bear, Red Moon. The  second edition I bought in 1977 or so, the fancy slick boxed redesign, and the first edition I bought from the same game-convention flea market table.)

        1. I had the first two, and a copy of Dragon Pass, which held all my Runequest Glorantha maps for the next 20 years. (BTW, belated Chaosium writer high-five, Stefan)

          1. Oh, that’s right, the slick version was retitled Dragon Pass!

            I really treasure those old games. Stafford’s odd mythos and prose, and those lovely graphics.

            (Oh, and those funky Wyrm’s Footnotes zines!)

    1.  There is a GURPS Bunnies & Borrows, as I recall.

      And it couldn’t hurt to check with FGU, which is still reprinting (or making available as PDF) a lot of their old stuff.

  3. All these old school game systems are tired. The state of the art really has improved since we all carried encyclopedia sized tomes in the 80s when we wanted to game. I encourage people to check out things like D. Vincent Baker’s “Apocalypse World,” Burning Wheel, anything using the One Roll Engine or the like. Games that make story and smoothness of place more important than giant tables of rules and spells. (I also encourage people to check out hacks of AW like “Monsterhearts.”)

      1. Yep, one of the great things about Runequest (or any Chaosium game) was that pretty much everything you needed to play the game was on your character sheet. Runequest was probably the best story-telling RPG there was in the 80s.

  4. Cory… Glorantha wasn’t an RPG. It was the name of a fantasy world that several games were set in. (The most recently published being 2009’s HeroQuest 2nd ed)

    1. Liking the pedant reluctantly (but, really – Glorantha is the most well thought out setting, abstracted from the rule-set, probably ever. Joseph Campbell *wishes* he wrote this stuff.)

      1. Well thought out, perhaps, but it featured talking ducks.  I remember that being a serious source of derision back in the early 80s, at least among the gamers I knew.

  5. I loved those stories of Griselda and her friends set in Glorantha by Oliver Dickinson.  
    Also I came across my old copy of Bunnies & Burrows recently.

  6. I’d like to see a revival of “Empire of the Petal Throne”…now, there was a fascinating RPG world!  A wildly different cultural setting than the usual Euro-centric fantasy…the game designer was an Urdu linguist and South Asian scholar, and a healthy dose of lost-world SF also informed the design.  

    1. I loved Barker’s work!  I quite enjoyed both books as well.  (though I think “Man of Gold” is the better of the two to my eyes)

    2. Empire of the Petal Throne with a good game system would be a wonderful thing. Actually, the Runequest ruleset adapts pretty well to it.

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