Cocaine Halloween Nights

A gentleman in England "mistakenly handed out his cocaine stash to children" instead of Halloween candy, earning him 130 hours of community service and a fine. [Reuters]


    1. But those sentences would be served in a for-profit prison, with a healthy share going back to the community in the form of campaign contributions, so there’s that.

  1. It would seem he was only prosecuted for possession as possession with intent or supplying would normally incur a much stiffer sentence.

  2. I think we have a new and so far unmentioned nominee for the top tier of The Candy Hierarchy.  Will the commentors from GB please identify these sweets-that-look-like cocaine for us?   I, for one, will be giving the Europeans their props on all future Halloweens.

  3. Without looking at the article, I’ll bet he was white.  Now I’ll go check.

    Turns out I was wrong. So much for my preconceptions.

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