Gloriously illuminated orange


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  1.  Interesting visual. Few people would associate oranges with electricity or power.

  2. Daneel says:


  3. Henry Pootel says:

    Two things I don’t quite understand about the process, both related to 14 hours…

    1) I’m surprised the orange holds it’s shape that well sitting there for 14 hours.

    2) I’m wondering if he took the whole thing inside of a hard core light box if it was taken on the kitchen table.  14 hours without any natural light (let alone basic human-made ambient) is a long time.

    • joe blough says:

       agree on #1. on #2 yeah, i’d have to assume he made some kind of box for this. and then took maybe 140 6-minute exposures and stacked them like we do with astrophotographs. the image is too smooth to be a single long exposure…

  4. noah django says:


  5. DisGuest says:

    Orange you a bright one?

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