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11 Responses to “Andy Stott's "Numb" (music video)”

  1. I love Andy Stott.  His music is totally beguiling.  It’s intense in places and delicate in others and all around just amazing.  Check out the previous album and EP.  It’s a total shift from his previous styles.  He is into some heavy stuff here.  Love it.  Love that for once I found out about an artist before BB!  Go me!  

  2. rattypilgrim says:

    Beautiful, sad, and haunting.

  3. jbond says:

    There’s some seriously good “Knackered House” around this year. And yes indeed, this one of the stand out tracks. Love the video too, can you name all the actresses and films?


  4. tw1515tw says:

    They had faces! 

    It’s only when you see actresses and models like these in real life, you realize how beautiful some women can be – where you seem to be magnetically attracted to looking, staring at them. Must be a pain in the ass for them if people (men) only only see them for their face/body and nothing else. Ingrid Bergman seems to have a friendly approachability that a lot of others don’t seem to have. Pity so many of the images are linked with cigarettes. Wonder if we’ll ever break the association.

  5. House/techno surely!

  6. Ivor Williams says:

    haunted house/dub? That’s the worst description I’ve ever heard for his music, or maybe anyone’s. Can you not come up with something a bit better? Makes it sound like a novelty Halloween club record or something…

  7. Tchoutoye says:

    Luxury Problems is one of the best albums of the year (so far). The video, however, is merely cliche retro-glamour.

  8. Conan Edey says:

    Good link David, thanks. The full album is available for preview as well, making it an easy purchase. 


  9. noah django says:

    when the video is more interesting than the music, that’s a bad sign.  and when the video is a supercut of 50-year-old footage of beautiful women, that’s a worse sign.  just my 2 cents.

  10. robuluz says:

    Hello days old thread!

    Just popped in to say thanks David for putting me onto the freshest album I’ve heard in a long time. Can’t stop listening to it.