Cincinnati Comic-Con kicking off on Kickstarter

Tony Moore sez, "My name's Tony Moore. I'm a comic book illustrator known for my recent years at Marvel doing wacky runs on Punisher, Venom, and Deadpool, and also for my early work on The Walking Dead. I've thrown in with some of Cincinnati's finest to launch a major destination comic book convention, as found on the coasts, in Cincinnati. We're striving to build something bigger and better than the area has ever known. We have quick access to 7 major cities, and the scene is hungry-- in Cincinnati, thriving comic book stores outnumber actual bookstores. To help raise initial funds, we're on Kickstarter. The industry support so far has been incredible, to say the least, and the list of attending creators is growing every day. I'm truly honored to be a part of this thing."


  1. That’s quite an impressive list of creators, to be sure. However, I have to question the motive and sincerity behind this show. After all, Cincinnati already has a really good comic convention, the Cincinnati Comic Expo, which will be in its 4th year in 2013. I’ve exhibited there as a creator their first 2 years, and had a great experience, and have been impressed with how they’ve grown the show from a humble 1-day event into its current 3-day extravaganza.

    The fact that the new show is scheduling itself exactly *one week* before the existing show speaks volumes as to their intentions.


  2. Our intentions and motives are only the most sincere want for Cincinnati to have the best show possible. Our board of directors include some of the other show’s biggest supporters in both the word and deed. Kendall Swafford of Up Up & Away Comics was their largest sponsor since its inception. I have exhibited there as an artist since the beginning and have had a number of personal conversations with their director, offering the full knowledge of my and my wife’s years’ experience on the road doing the biggest conventions across the world.  Cincy ComiCon’s core came together voicing mutual concerns and frustrations that our resources and expertise had been offered unconditionally and repeatedly, but were continually rebuffed. Rather than continue banging our heads against that wall, we withdrew and started our own show. No harm done, we just chose to pursue another path.

    We attempted to give the other show a wide berth, and deliberated on our dates for a number of weeks, and even posted a countdown to the announcement a month in advance. Based on what we had, we steered away and shot for early September, and used another venue to avoid confusion. We announced our show’s dates FIRST. There was no information out there as to anyone’s dates at that time. We didn’t schedule ours a week before them, they scheduled a week after us. There’s a marked difference.

    Then, as the Field of Dreams, we built it, and they have come. Industry support showed out in droves, as did the fans. Creators and sponsors alike have jumped at the opportunity. I’m proud of what we’ve built already, and all of us here at Cincy ComiCon plan to grow a convention mainstay for this city– a must-see event for fans, creators, and exhibitors alike. We’re serious, and we’re giving it our best because we’re passionate about the medium and we truly believe in what we’re doing.

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