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12 Responses to “Hunting of the Snark student film, narrated by Christopher Lee”

  1. Donald Petersen says:

    Sir Christopher Lee was not available for my student films.  Neither was Dame CGI VFX.  :^(

    But what the hell, I’ll toss in $5.  Looks like good fun.

  2. K-9 says:


    The Snark is a Boojum.

  3. Freddy de la Cruz says:

    Great opportunity to be near the center of the Hollywood universe!
    Now waiting for a kickstarter with Cavin Bacon…

    • theophrastvs says:

      , you see.
      (dammit wordpress/disqus/whoever. i reply to the one above, then there’s a demand a re-re-re-re-login and the result is stuck on the comment below the one i wanted @#$!!! apologies to “Freddy de la Cruz”)

  4. Andy Naylor says:

    There was an amazing version of Hunting of the Snark with original music by Mike Batt some years ago. 

    Cast was amazing – Narrated by Sir John Gielgood and John hurt, it starred Roger Daltry, Art Garfunkel, Julian Lennon, Denise Williams and even had George Harrison and Stephane Grapelli joining the London Symphony Orchestra. Well worth checking out if you’re a Carroll fan.

  5. That’s great! The little bit at the beginning was inspired by Wes Anderson’s Amex commercial: http://youtu.be/rbO3BS0Uzm0

    And they acknowledge the inspiration by having the Amex commercial on the monitor behind the Macbook!

    In case anyone was not aware.

  6. Charlie B says:

    Needs more acting.

    Great costuming, though.

  7. soylent_plaid says:

    Forget the snark, I want to hear more about this monkey apocalypse!

  8. strangefriend says: