Exclusive: A closer look at Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises blu-ray

(Video link) Need any more convincing that Anne Hathaway made a groovy Catwoman? Here is an inside look (courtesy of Warner Bros.) at how the makers of The Dark Knight Rises approached one of Batman's slickest characters, and why they didn't return to the patent leather bondage route. When I think about how Hathaway went from this to her doomed role in Les Misérables, I also wonder if she and Christian Bale shared any starvation war stories.


  1. I’m still irritated that they made a professional cat burglar who relies heavily on her agility wear a style of footgear that is all but expressly designed to make your footing less secure.

      1. If Star Trek is any indicator, women in the military will be applying their make-up with spray cans and stencils five hundred years from now.

  2. Her appearance as Catwoman was really disappointing, not only because of the brevity of her appearance (20 minutes? 15?) but also for the decision that she only meets Batman after he’s retired. Though come to think of it, the way the audience was shut out from Batman’s adventures via Nolan’s decision that all the interesting stories must have taken place unseen between the first and second films was a fundamental flaw of the film.

    1. You’re thinking too much like a Catwoman fan and not enough like a movie-goer. For instance: When did she have time to meet Batman on screen before The Dark Knight Rises? Was there room for her in the already-very-long Dark Knight movie? Should there have been a 2.5 short between the two films for her to meet him? Should the arc and timeline – necessary to the plot – have been changed so he could have met her?

      And what stories took place between the first and second films? Batman was in retirement, so were you hoping for a blow-by-blow breakdown of Gotham PD’s crackdown on the mob? That constitutes “all the interesting stories”?

      I didn’t sit with a stopwatch and count how many minutes she was in the movie (definitely more than 15), but I agree with you that I would have liked to have seen more of her.

      1. You’re thinking too much in the confines of the existing film. You’re forgetting that the film makers start with an blank sheet of paper. They could consider these elements when they write the film.

    2. Absolutely agree. I came to this conclusion immediately after seeing the film. Among many other gripes I could not come to terms with the fact that Batman was only Batman for, I don’t know, 4 months, 6 months, 1 year…??? For the record I love BB and TDK.

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