How to make surprise balls

Erica at Honestly…WTF has a nice tutorial on how to make pretty "Surprise Balls," which are balls of brightly colored and decorated crepe paper that contain multiple goodies in the layers of wrapping. I want one filled with dark-chocolate covered coffee beans.

Prepare the supplies by cutting the fine crepe paper, lengthwise, into three 1″ strips per color. When picking out the toys, candy, and surprises, be sure to select an assortment of sizes from larger round shaped items to small flat items. Start by wrapping the largest item. Work in a criss cross pattern to cover as much surface area as possible.

Visit her site for the complete step-by-step


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  2. I love making these. I initially got the idea from Not Martha and have been honing my own special style for everal holidays since. I get almost much fun making them as the kids and yeah, grow ups, have unwrapping them.

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