Photos from Bangalore's first Comic-Con

Bangalore's inaugural Comic-Con, back in September, looks like a whale of a time. The cosplay on display is truly delightful, and lovingly documented in several places online. Mustache Man and his sidekick Mustache Lad seem to enjoying themselves here with Thor (or Rama?).

Update: b4dmash schools me, "Nah. It's Yamaraj (The God of Death in Hindu mythology). The people here are dressed as characters from their comic 'Auto Pilot'

Best Pix from Bangalore’s First Ever ComicCon [Asia Obscura]

Photos from Comic Con Express Bangalore 2012 [Mithun on the Net]

(via IO9)


  1. It’s Bhima, with his giant mace!

    Well, maybe.  He’s blue so he could be Krisna or one of that bunch I suppose.

      1.  Interesting, thanks for the link!   I must say I’ve never seen Lord Yama depicted as being quite that hairy in Hinduism, though.

  2. i love the idea of fans coming together in new places for form burgeoning new convention scenes. i was fortunate enough to go to Chile’s first national convention last year in Santiago, and the passion in the place was absolutely electric. The show was relatively small, but i’d never seen anything like it. I love that this is happening across the world!

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