Bob Ross autotuned

For over a decade, artist Bob Ross had an instructional painting television show on PBS called The Joy of Painting. Bob was well-known for his gentle personality and tendency to say "happy little clouds" and "happy little trees." His paintings were just a little corny, but he was technically skilled and I would watch in wonder at his magical ability to make a scene come alive with a single stroke of a brush (or more often, a palette knife loaded with $5 worth of alizarin crimson). Bob died in 1995. Earlier this year, PBS paid tribute to Bob with this autotuned remix of The Joy of Painting. (David posted this previously.)

Here's a 3-hour DVD of Bob Ross painting instruction that shows you how to paint lots of happy little things. It has received rave reviews on Amazon.


    1.  I remember him well. Wasn’t he the one who coined the ‘happy little trees’ phrase? I liked him better.

  1. “…that shows you how to paint lots of happy little things.”
    But why would you want to? Instead, paint what’s in your own heart in your own style.

  2. This Bob Ross video is the perfect unicorn chaser after being exposed to a Kinkade or a Jon McNaughton.

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