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15 Responses to “Bob Ross autotuned”

  1. Christopher says:

    Finally a good application for autotuning.

  2. Cowicide says:

    One nation under Bob Ross : http://i.imgur.com/K74WJ.jpg

  3. akbar56 says:

    Mark, back in October you challenged me to improve upon the ‘Photos of Space Helmets’ post you had made. I took your challenge and created this supercut. Hope you enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMgmxkZ0pWI

  4. invictus says:

    Your 3-hour DVD link actually leads to a youtube-hosted thumbnail. Here is the link you meant:  http://www.amazon.com/Bob-Ross-Joy-Painting-Series/dp/B000CIF3U2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1354571425&sr=8-2&keywords=bob+ross

    I’ll leave it to you to plug in the affiliate ID.

  5. Fred Kahl says:

    Am I the only one who remembers his predecessor William Alexander? 
    He had a lot of the same mannerisms as Bob, but the heavy German accent really made him entertaining “Fire into the sky with one mighty stroke!” 

    • Melinda9 says:

       I remember him well. Wasn’t he the one who coined the ‘happy little trees’ phrase? I liked him better.

  6. Melinda9 says:

    “…that shows you how to paint lots of happy little things.”
    But why would you want to? Instead, paint what’s in your own heart in your own style.

  7. Frank Diekman says:

    Turns into a sexy slow jam at about 1:18. Feel weird now.

  8. Festus says:

    Mark, thanks for sharing. I hope as many people appreciate me when I am gone as appreciate Bob Ross.

  9. Jee Jay says:

    The best of these is still the Julia Child one


  10. Petzl says:

    This Bob Ross video is the perfect unicorn chaser after being exposed to a Kinkade or a Jon McNaughton.

  11. carry brown says:

    The Mr. Rogers remix is fantastic too.