Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in an NPR Tiny Desk concert

NPR's fantastic Tiny Desk concert by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis has me going back through the entire series as it looks so wonderful.

I only recently was introduced, but have listened to the duo's fantastic album The Heist several times today. Fun rap and a passion for their music and message that come through.

Also on Boing Boing:

Thrift Shop by Macklemore

"Same Love" - A Song for Marriage Equality

(Thanks Dave!)


  1. Wow, this IS fucking awesome, I’m sorry I missed the post in july.   Who is the gorgeous camerawoman in the spotted shirt with the radiant smile, I think I’m in love (am I objectifying? I don’t know this lady, I am judging her solely on her appearance – and her outward response to being somewhere/recording/experiencing something that makes me smile as well.)

    — confused in  california…

  2. Great music, “Same Love” performance was stolen by the reverence of Ray Dalton standing in silence off to the side. Thrift Shop was a straight up invitation to the party, his fun was infectious. “Can’t Hold Us” was ruined for me however because I first heard it two weeks ago at The Gap, and I can’t separate it from the memory of stacks multi-hued of t-shirts.

  3. Great song. The official video is even better.

    Google autocompletes “Macklemore sounds…like Slug”. Not just a little.

  4. This looks like it was tons of fun!! I was surprised to see Ray Dalton, I’ve met him at a party before, and he’s a Seattle Native like Macklemore, way cool!!

  5. Wow…this had me up out of my chair…dancing …and crying…Tears of wonderment rolling down my face….i was bubbling like a child…and loving every moment…How wonderful this is…thank you for posting …again….and I have watch many many times over…
    Wiping away tears of joy….thank you

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