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9 Responses to “Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in an NPR Tiny Desk concert”

  1. mccrum says:

    I’m so crazy about Same Love.

  2. Erin Conrad says:

    Wow, this IS fucking awesome, I’m sorry I missed the post in july.   Who is the gorgeous camerawoman in the spotted shirt with the radiant smile, I think I’m in love (am I objectifying? I don’t know this lady, I am judging her solely on her appearance – and her outward response to being somewhere/recording/experiencing something that makes me smile as well.)

    — confused in  california…

  3. BunnyShank says:

    Great music, “Same Love” performance was stolen by the reverence of Ray Dalton standing in silence off to the side. Thrift Shop was a straight up invitation to the party, his fun was infectious. “Can’t Hold Us” was ruined for me however because I first heard it two weeks ago at The Gap, and I can’t separate it from the memory of stacks multi-hued of t-shirts.

  4. Nick Peters says:

    college of music has a great post to all of his early mixtapes.


  5. franko says:

    this is fucking awesome.

  6. Shawn Christy says:

    Great song. The official video is even better.

    Google autocompletes “Macklemore sounds…like Slug”. Not just a little.


  7. Laura Valiente says:

    This looks like it was tons of fun!! I was surprised to see Ray Dalton, I’ve met him at a party before, and he’s a Seattle Native like Macklemore, way cool!!

  8. peterblue11 says:

    cant hold us is an awesome tune…shockimg its not well more known

  9. james bright says:

    Wow…this had me up out of my chair…dancing …and crying…Tears of wonderment rolling down my face….i was bubbling like a child…and loving every moment…How wonderful this is…thank you for posting …again….and I have watch many many times over…
    Wiping away tears of joy….thank you