Free, partial Tardis pinata

Free on Craigslist DC: a partially completed (and rather well-done) Tardis pinata.

FREE: homemade TARDIS pull-string pinata. My 6 year-old daughter wanted a Dr. Who birthday and as nobody in the US sells Dr. Who pinatas I made this one. Unfortunately I ran out of time so the door panels and windows are only on 2 sides and didn't get around to putting any of the signs on it but you are free to finish it as much or as little as you like.

TARDIS pull-string pinata (Tyson's/Falls Church)


  1. If you smash that TARDIS you will destroy all of time and space, shatter everything that ever happened or ever will – how much do you like sweets? Not that much. And if you do I know a lovely shop on Eltrexis 3 that’s run by some very attractive sentient caramels.

  2. Does this mean the little girl didn’t get her birthday pinata?  Did she get all excited watching daddy make it, only to have her hopes crushed when he went to the bar and didn’t finish it.  Ran out of time.  Right.  Tell that to the weeping first grader who’s not speaking to you.  Then sell the half-finished product of your failure as a parent.

  3. Wow, I made BB.  Does this mean I win the internet?

    To clarify a bit so the entire world does not think I’m the most cruel parent ever, a pull-string pinata is non-destructive.  There are a series of streamers that come out of the bottom.  Most of them are red herrings that just pull out without opening the door but 2 of the streamers are attached to the trapdoor and a good firm yank pops the door and releases the candy. So yes, my daughter got to partake and yet, the TARDIS remains relatively unharmed.

    It was in the free section, not for sale.  It has yet to find a home.  The CL free section is a wretched hive of scum and villainy, I mean flaky people who don’t show up for free stuff…

    And an obligatory action shot (identity has been altered to protect the not so innocent)…

    1.  Next year, consider replacing the clown or magician with a Weeping Angel. The children should be QUITE attentive.

    2. I saw this on Craigslist DC and fed it into the submitterator.  It seemed like the perfect thing for BoingBoing.  I shouldn’t be surprised that the lister of the item is a boingboing reader!!

  4. If I were in the DC area, you would have no problems getting me to come by and pick up this TARDIS.  Reuseable, yet — what a cool concept!

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