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9 Responses to “"Understand Music," an experimental explainer animation”

  1. Reading is for squares, man.

  2. rrh says:

     If you were disappointed that it didn’t actually help you understand music, go watch the BBC “How Music Works” documentary, which I found quite enlightening.

  3. Roba says:

    I was just thinking “Shit, this sucks. Of course you have to understand music to appreciate music”.

    • Greg McCann says:

      And what was playing had little or nothing to do with the words and graphics being displayed. I did not think it was very effective. But anyone interested in the topic should check out David Byrne’s new book, How Music Works.

  4. Lil' Jack says:

    “Life is a spectrum, and what is music, but life itself.”

    Billy Cobham  

  5. Astounding. I wish I had the knowledge and ability to create something as cool and creative as this video.

  6. i could not understand all the things except on thing enjoy the music ,