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  1. I’m enjoying the evolving bond between Skywise and Sunstream, from uncle and nephew to mentor and apprentice to, now it seems, peers. :) Why doesn’t Skywise grow taller too — is the height thing a choice, or is it that, while he no longer has wolf-blood, he also doesn’t have much magic compared to Sunstream or Rayek, just sending? …. So, how long *does* a Wavedancer pregnancy take compared to the two years of other elves, and why *does* it take longer, I wonder? So much to learn about them still! :)

    1. Totally agree about the evolving relationship between Skywise and Sunstream.  We first saw this in the Full Circle story, which is one of my all-time favorite Elfquest stories.  It’s like Skywise is doing for Sunstream what he was unable to do for Ember in Hidden Years: serve as mentor and advisor.  How funny to see Sunstream taking Skywise down a peg!  

    2.  RE: Skywise not getting taller, I think it may have to do with his wolfblood being removed when he was an adult. IIRC, Ember “called” Sunstream’s wolfblood into her when they were in utero, so Sunstream never had any to begin with.

      I don’t understand why Leeta doesn’t get taller, though. Does her tribe only get tall when they’re really old like Savaah?

      1. The impression I got was that Sunstream chose to grow taller using the magic of the Palace while he was in wrapstuff. Otherwise, I don’t think he should have been able to grow and change, because wrapstuff creates a stasis state, right? I think he did it because he wanted to be the same height as Brill.

  2. I don’t think Ember called Sunstream’s wolfblood into her – she called Cutter’s – meaning that when they were forming, Ember got the wolfie DNA and Suntop didn’t. I’ve always read this as a sort of mixture of self-determination (so far as a fetus can decide anything!) and destiny. I don’t know if elf fetuses have more agency than humans – I know I didn’t call the “tall” DNA into me when my sister and I were in utero, but I came out taller and stayed taller… but it’s never been clear if there was some sort of mystical element to the sorting/distributing of the wolfie genes when Ember and Suntop were a-cookin’.

    Sun Folk don’t get tall like Savah when they get old – look at Suntoucher and Toorah. I always thought Savah was taller because she was closer in the descendent-line to the original high-ones, and her descendents just selected for shortness over the generations…

    1. I meant to say that Ember called what would have been Suntop’s ‘share’ of Cutter’s wolfblood into her so that he didn’t get any. You put it much better than I did.

      And your Savah tallness theory makes sense. :)

    2. Wasn’t there a wee hint that Leetah might have helped the ‘calling’ along; a habit that she’s not entirely comfortable with — “How easy it would be to become like her

      1. I think you’re right, although the notion brings up a new host of questions to me. (Did she consciously want one child to be “pureblood”? There’s something vaguely unsavory about the thought…)

      2. Holy High Ones. Rob Beschizza? FAIRLIGHT? 

        This is Whitney Prince! We were G.A.Z.E.R.S. together… wow, is it really going on two decades now? Yet I remember it all so well. You, Skylace, Laurlee, Mosquito…good times!

        And apparently you are the managing editor of this site, which I’ve been visiting faithfully since I learned the Final Quest was being posting here, and I had absolutely no idea…! Consider my mind blown.

  3. Highly doubtful. At least, I’ve never known a self-proclaimed EQ fan to give it up for such a reason. I know plenty of fans who are in their thirties, like myself. 

    That said, I was quite obsessed with Elfquest at the age of twelve, and it continued all through my teen years. I am no less fond of it now, but during that time in my life it was exactly what I needed most. I will even go so far as to say that I think I grew to be a better person because of it.  

    Taras: in other words, you should totally read it. :) 

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