Video game controversies of 2012

Leigh Alexander tallies the year's most spectacular dust-ups in videogame land: "It's become clear more gamers than ever now have a zero-tolerance policy for prejudice, insensitivity and exclusionary attitudes witin our community." See also Frank Cifaldi's 5 events that shook the industry.


  1. I’m not sure that the 38 Studios implosion actually rocked the industry.  It was a pretty shitty situation, but I don’t really see that its death actually changed anything for people who were not themselves working there.

  2. The controversy over Mass Effect 3 led me to some of the most interesting discussions I’ve had about computer game narratives and the relations between artists and audience in an interactive medium.

  3. What, nothing about Steam for Linux, or the Humble Bundles going THQ, or the fact that EA has made sure all games (including single player ones) have constant online connection? (Citation Needed)

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