Simple kite aerial photography rig


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  1. Bob Knetzger says:

    Mark, your kite-based sky cam with its picavet is timely as we may be in a world-wide helium shortage due to its use in party balloons (and Satellite Balloon Cams!)

  2. TacoChuck says:

    Make sure you get one of the better 808 key fob cameras (there are about 18 different models). The authoritative site is here:

    Each model has its own page, and the RCGroups threads on the individual models are very in depth.

  3. Willi says:

    Great work!
    Always wanted to build one myself. But when I do it will be one of the “Rendsburg” type:

    Since Rendsburg is my home town I’m damn proud that it became so famous in the KAP world :)

    “Die Welt ist ein Dorf…” As we say in german (the world is a village).

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