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22 Responses to “CIA 'tortured, sodomized' terror suspect, European human rights court rules”

  1. redjade says:

    sodomized, yes – but the word you are looking for is Rape.  
    US Taxpayers paid the CIA to rape a man.  Let’s be clear about this.

    • Brainspore says:

      You’re correct of course, but rape takes many forms. “Sodomized” merely adds specificity.

      • RedShirt77 says:

        Yeah, but sodomy can be consensual.  I think we can all assume the CIA didn’t enter a loving consensual relationship with this man.  They anally raped him.   For Freedom, Justice and the American Way!

        • Brainspore says:

          Sodomy can be consensual, but I’ve never heard the term “sodomized” used in a non-rapey context. Maybe I just haven’t been to the right parties.

      • daneyul says:

        Not enough specificity, though, as that term can include anal intercourse OR the insertion of a foreign object into the anus (which I’m given to understand is what happened here).  Plus sodomy can be consensual. And then when you consider “sodomy” is also an all around term for screwing animals, I think the term is generalized and confusing.  It’s a “bible certified” word that squeamish people can use to cover all sorts of behavior they deem bad but don’t want to describe.  Easier not to visualize the unpleasant details that way.

        For my money, “anally raped with a foreign object” works just fine to describe what they did to an innocent man to save us from evil.  Fuck vagueness.  Say exactly what they did.

    • elusis says:

       And since when does responsible media publish the photos and names of rape victims?

  2. DisGuest says:

    Twisted assholes.

  3. polnareff says:


  4. ddrddrddrddr says:

    Can’t even stick to torture by the book? Thought water boarding was bad. Where in the CIA training was sodomy?

  5. Manny says:

    What is cuter than sleepy puppies? Because I could use a shot of that now.

    • cfuse says:

      I’ve got a folder where I save pictures of baby animals for occasions like this. One must be prepared for the ugliness of life.

      I strongly suggest that you go straight to Google image search and search for “baby animal”. You won’t be disappointed.

  6. Deathstalker187 says:

    All I can say is seriously WhatTF

  7. Robert Drop says:

    But hey, he was awarded $78,000*.  That totally makes up for getting kidnapped, tortured for months and having his life turned upside down, right?
    *Not that he’ll necessarily get any of it.

  8. wysinwyg says:

    Is everyone feeling safer after hearing about this?

  9. Mitchell Glaser says:

    Fortunately a man’s body has ways of preventing pregnancy when sodomized.

  10. Aleš says:

    A person who is responsible for this torture, rape, forced disappearance, etc. has just been immortalized in the movie “Zero Dark Thirty” – as a heroine.

    Glenn Greenwald writes in Guardian:

    […] there is ample evidence to suspect that the film’s CIA heroine is, at least in composite part, based on the same female CIA agent responsible for the kidnapping, drugging and torture of Khalid El-Masri in 2003, an innocent man just awarded compensation
    this week by the European Court of Human Rights […]


    How sick is that?

  11. Brad Bell says:

    I wonder whether members of HSBC were also raped during the investigation that uncovered evidence of money laundering for terrorist organisations? That was a rhetorical question. They weren’t raped. They were proven guilty. Then they were deemed too awesome to incarcerate. 
    I think Greenwald might be on to something. 

  12. Luther Blissett says:

    Xeni, could you post how many people are reported to be assaulted, kidnapped, brought to other countries and treated in ways which are consensually banned by the fourth Geneva Convention in this “War on Terror”?


    BTW, I do think your posts do make a difference. Thank you.

  13. Mitch_M says:

    Doesn’t the debauchery of Gomorrah merit its own word? Then we could say “sodomized and gomorrized” instead of merely sodomized,

    • robertdee says:

      Gomorrahy is the insertion of a non-sexual extremity into a recipient’s vagina or anus. Fisting or footing, in other words.