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5 Responses to “Buddha Machine 4 now available”

  1. Rickenbacker4001 says:

    I have the first Gen one and I use it for meditation. I place it face down on my djembe drum so the speaker makes the skin of the drum vibrate and then I place a loop of sizzler chain (used to drape on cymbals,The chain that hangs your sink topper works good too) so it surrounds the buddha machine.
    I just turn the volume up a little to make the skin move and the sizzler creates some randomness to the loop.

  2. lil sputums says:

    I played the video and the Soundcloud segment at the same time–guess what? Yup, they go together beautifully.

  3. alesloan says:

    When it says “generator” does it mean that it simply plays the preloaded tracks in loops, or does it mix them in a random way, or even incorporates the sounds of the environment (like Hans Zimmer’s Inception iPhone app)?

    • Evil Paul says:

      It simply plays loops, one at a time, selected by pressing a button. I believe later versions have a pitch changing control as well, but that’s it. I love my 1st gen unit and I use the iPad version quite often too.

  4. KonstantinS says:

    i mave the previous version, cost around 20EU. unfortunately within few weeks it began producing some background noise which ruins the experience :(