Buddha Machine 4 now available

Buddha Machine FM3 Buddha 4 YellowFM3 has released the fourth (ahem) incarnation of its wonderful Buddha Machine, the classic ambient music generator loaded with loops by Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian. Above, listen to the lovely "hao" loop from Buddha Machine 4. I've gifted many previous models of Buddha Machines and they are always happily received. You can get the device in green, red (pink?), yellow, or orange from Forced Exposure.

In other Buddha Machine news, Virant's "Fistful of Buddha" album is now available too! Here's a taste:


  1. I have the first Gen one and I use it for meditation. I place it face down on my djembe drum so the speaker makes the skin of the drum vibrate and then I place a loop of sizzler chain (used to drape on cymbals,The chain that hangs your sink topper works good too) so it surrounds the buddha machine.
    I just turn the volume up a little to make the skin move and the sizzler creates some randomness to the loop.

  2. When it says “generator” does it mean that it simply plays the preloaded tracks in loops, or does it mix them in a random way, or even incorporates the sounds of the environment (like Hans Zimmer’s Inception iPhone app)?

    1. It simply plays loops, one at a time, selected by pressing a button. I believe later versions have a pitch changing control as well, but that’s it. I love my 1st gen unit and I use the iPad version quite often too.

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