Elfquest: you and the wind

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By Wendy and Richard Pini

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Published 7:49 am Mon, Dec 17, 2012

About the Author

Conceived in the heat of creativity early 1977. Born in the throes of Ypsilantean adversity on February 28, 1978. Entering that long golden afternoon even now.

13 Responses to “Elfquest: you and the wind”

  1. Emby Quinn says:

    *sigh* Cutter, you rock-skull! Why didn’t you go WITH them? The tribe’s not going to wither without you for the short time you’ll be gone!

    *waits to be whapped by the wolf-chief*

  2. Thanks, Wendy, for the nose correction. :-D  And indeed, Cutter should just join them, instead of watching a very large part of his soul depart (he’s not only referring to Leetah, when saying “my soul”, you know… you don’t know??? Then you really need to catch up on the classic Quest!)… and he misses the first glance on his granddaughter, too. True enough, getting a “Sending” message form Sunstream, laced with sweet emotion from his soulmates might sound sweet. I’d prefer being there in person, if I were him. But then, our good ol’ Kinseeker never was one to go the easy way. Age hasn’t changed that at all.

  3. I love Cutter and Skywise, that’s all I got to say.  Well and Wendy for amazingly even listening to us fans about things (like the nose) not many do that, work that close with fans.  That really makes You Pini’s unique!


  4. Martine Spek says:

    wow, the pod looks like an egg!

  5.  Waveshine is a great name for the baby girl^^

  6. Tavie says:

    I say Brylcreem for the cub, boy or girl. It’s like a cross between both parents’ names.

  7. I have a feeling the upcoming panels aren’t going to be filled with so much peace among our beloved elves :-(