Ambient jam from Buddhist chant boxes and electronic tanpura

On Monday, I posted about FM3's latest Buddha Machine, their wonderful music loop player. The FM3 Buddha Machine was inspired by the cheap electronic Buddhist chant boxes sold in China and India that play infinite prayer loops. The video above is an ambient "jam session" between three of those chant boxes and a Raagini Electronic Digital Tanpura laying down the drone. The result is a kind of "generative art," unique work created by computers from fixed parameters defined by a human artist -- a concept I wrote about in Wired back in 1998.


  1. Very cool! I could see this kind of jamming being really neat between people with several iphones, each playing a different song or chant. Maybe it would be a group meditation or maybe it would be a group dance session!

  2. gotta admit, weird to see the need to define the term “meta” in that wired article.  I was 9 when that was published, I had no idea the term was so new in popular usage.

  3. Check out Riyaz for the best software-based electronic Tanpura around.  It will easily out-perform one of those little boxes.  No affiliation, just a satisfied customer.

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