Law of Superheroes: law-school seen through comic-book heroes' lens


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  1. Nadreck says:

    I’ve always been interested in the question of courtroom testimony of masked superheros with secret identities.  It turns out that there is real world precedent for this.  SAS troopers testify masked and are only identified as “Trooper #12″ and so on.  An unmasked commanding officer testifies that each ID corresponds to the same guy throughout the case and that he was indeed at the incident in question.  In the superhero world I suppose you could have Superman, who doesn’t wear a mask, scan the witness’s DNA and testify that this is indeed Dr. Midnight or whomever.

  2. Stephen Gordon says:

    Shouldn’t the referral link have boingboing’s amazon referral code?

  3. Andrew Singleton says:

    Been reading this blog for awhile. Now it’s a book I’m gonna buy.

  4. Kaleberg says:

    My favorite version of this is Batton Lash’s long running Supernatural Law starring his counselors to the macabre, Wolff and Byrd. “It Stalks the Public Domain” was a classic, dealing with the right to be a monster. The devil goes to court in more than one episode, with the appropriate hat tips to The Devil and Daniel Webster and Rosemary’s Baby. His advocates stand up for the monster in the closet and are nearly riven by The Green Eyed Monster stirring their rivalry. Lash’s take on gay marriage with Frankenstein trying to marry the Bride of Frankenstein was priceless in defense of those rights with which we were all endowed by our creator. Lash is a great plotter and a strong freedom of the press advocate. I’m only sorry he has been around so long and so few have discovered him.

  5. dantobias says:

    There was a column “The Law Is A Ass” in Comics Buyers Guide for a long time, dealing with the legal aspects of comic-book universes.

  6. Brainspore says:

    Forget about the legal implications for Wayne Enterprise’s vehicles. What about the guy who keeps a boy in a cave? A boy who he doesn’t even allow to wear pants??

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