Crocheted knight's helmet, with movable mouthguard/visor

Etsy seller Dee Forrest has an unexpected hit with this $40 crocheted knight's helmet with a clever movable visor. The item is waitlisted for a very, very long time. Get in line now, you might have it by next winter!

Knight's Helmet, Adult, approximately 20 weeks before shipping, please read entire listing before ordering (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. Some crafter’s going to say it, so I may as well: that’s crocheted. Also very cool, but crocheted.

    What does it matter? Put it this way — if it doesn’t matter, why call it out at all? Why not just say “handmade”? If you’re a crafter, the difference between knitting and crocheting is the same as between gluing and sewing — they both connect parts together, but their pros and cons as methods are different, and they look and feel different.

  2. Never been too excited about yarny stuff (whether knitted or crocheted).  But if I had this I would NEVER take it off.  

  3. I hope people will have the good sense not to walk into a bank or place with a cash register with their face covered. They will scare the bejezuz out of people.

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