My favorite press release (1994)

Kevin Kelly found this old press release from Myst creators Robyn and Rand Miller in his files and emailed me a scan. I remember it and it is probably the only press release I've ever liked.


    1. For an actually useful answer, it was an Apple-specific, pre-internet address system, back around the time when communication protocols and proprietary networks were being fruitful and multiplying. I believe AOL used to have a similar address scheme.

      Interesting to note that if this press release is from 1994, it’s one of the last AppleLink artefacts, since the network was shut down that same year.

    2. AppleLink was the name of both Apple Computer’s online service for its dealers, third party developers, and users, and the client software used to access it. Prior to the commercialization of the Internet, AppleLink was a popular service for Mac and Apple IIGS users. The service was offered from about 1986 to 1994 to various groups, before being superseded by their short-lived eWorld and finally today’s multiple Apple websites.

    1.  I had a perpetual visitor in the little 5 year old from next door because I once showed him Manhole on my Mac…I wish there were more “games” like this around…(wasn’t it built in Hypercard?)

  1. It may be signed by the Millers, but I think we know exactly who used to draft Cyan’s press releases.  Bob Loblaw.

  2. Why won’t the MIllers work anymore?

    I know at least two big Riven conversion projects are in progress.
    Somewhere, the Myst Movie is getting Hollywoodized…. slowly.

  3. I agree. It’s not a press release. It’s a letter. A press release would have had a – O – at the end of it, and would have said the city and state it was released from.

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