Choose-your-own-adventure wedding proposal comic

Lauren Beukes sez, "My South African writer friend Sam Wilson proposed to his scientist girlfriend Kerry Gordon using a comic that he's been secretly collating for the last three months featuring quirky, sweet, wonderful, funny artwork to illustrate the possible futures that might occur depending on whether she says yes or no. In the yes column were wonders like riding on dinosaurs, bountiful kitties and becoming rock stars, or the horror of bad parking spaces, squalor and tomatoes on EVERYTHING if she says no (she really doesn't like tomatoes). It was adorable and of course she said yes."

Best Christmas Present Ever


  1. AWFUL! I would have said NO only because of all the threats of death and misery. Instead of “my life would suck without you” it’s a “your life would suck, and be short, without me”.

    1. And I loved it for the same reason.  I’m willing to bet she did too, although it’s possible she was simply terrorized into accepting the proposal.  But I doubt it.

      EDIT: I clicked through to the examples, and d’awwww!

    2. Or perhaps the “threatening” details were based on private jokes and memories from their relationship which we strangers are not privy to, and therefore do not understand the full meaning.

    3. Methinks you take the whole thing a tad too seriously.  I thought they were all pretty funny.

      OTOH calling this a “choose your own adventure” comic is stretching it a bit – it’s one question with two outcomes, and just a list of consequences for each of those consequences.

      1. Yeah, well.. I take it a bit seriously because it’s a wedding proposal. It’s one thing where tact and careful choice of words  is a big deal.

  2. Wow! Thank you for posting this, Cory. And thanks to our friends who gave their support and brought so much joy and creativity to the proposal. I’m relieved that Kerry took it in the spirit that it was intended, and said yes!

    1. I had a nightmare about that a couple of years ago. I dreamt that some horribly schlumpy guy that I didn’t even know made one of those big YouTubestravaganza proposals, and I was so embarrassed that I said yes. Fortunately, waking up is a fairly easy way to get out of an engagement.

    2. Having been the recipient of a ridiculously elaborate proposal (fortunately not enacted in a public space), I can attest to the fact that it is possible to say no.  If you sense that you’re being coerced into any form of contract, listen to your gut and walk away.

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