Robo-Santa and his Meccano tree, 1960

From vintage ad enthusiast Paul Malon's superb Flickr stream, this 1960 holiday season cover from science fiction magazine Galaxy. He has another one with two aliens sneaking up on Christmas, and a stressed-out interstellar Santa.


    1.  Emshwiller did at least 3 other drawings of his four armed Santa, in addition to those 4. Just put Emshwiller Santa in any good image search engine.

  1. Great work by EMSH — Ed Emshwiller (as is the linked art from Napalm Dog’s comment). He’d be worth a feature here, for his movies too.

  2. The fools!  Don’t they know that in the 31st Century, Robot Santa is a deranged madman intent on destroying us all?  Except Zoidberg, oddly enough. . .

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