Young mutant is reunited with plush Fin Fin, the discontinued 1996 Fujitsu mascot, all thanks to Boing Boing readers

Back at the start of December, I posted Edwin Gore's plea for a plush Fin Fin to replace his grandson's beloved, and lost, toy. You folks came through, and this Christmas, a young mutant was reunited with his long-lost chum, all thanks to you. Edwin says, "Last night my grandson was reunited with his beloved Fin Fin, along with a surprise extra, all thanks to the readers of Boing Boing. Several commenters had asked for video, and since the comments are closed on the original article, I thought I would send this along. Thanks again Boing Boing!"


Reunited with Fin Fin


  1. Come on, this is UNFAIR! I’ve spent these Christmas days away from home, and now you show me this!

    The boy is an exact replica of my 5-year-old Eloy, just replace Fin Fin with “Osito Bebé” (a Russ Berrie baby bear wearing a diaper).

    I bought it here in Spain three months before Eloy was born, and it was love at first sight.

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