Jello shot orange slices


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  1. That should have people naked in the back yard by 1am.

  2. lknope says:

    Are there any banana Jello shots we can look at?

  3. nickelrocket says:

    I made a version of these with limes and cherry jello.  Chocolate jimmies sprinkled on top completed the mini-watermelon slice effect.

  4. hubcity says:

    Some hard-earned tips:
    - The larger the citrus fruit, the easier it is to remove the fruit from inside it. Grapefruits are very easy – limes are nearly not worth the trouble.
    - The fruit removal is a HUGE pain. Get it started with a spoon, then use your fingers to separate the wedges the rest of the way. (I found the spoon tended to dig through the rind if I went too far with it.)
    - The reaction that comes from those who haven’t put two-and-two together (“How did you get the jello to set in a wedge shape?”) is TOTALLY worth it.

  5. Jörg Brüggemann says:

    Champagne sounds fine. But if you’re looking for the optimal vodka / jello ratio, you might check out this equally crazy and briliant scienceproject. :)


    WOW. I love these. I don’t even do Jello shots, but I’mma start now. 

  7. elix says:

    A non-alcoholic version of this seems like a perfect treat for kids’ lunches if you’re into the bento style of doing things.

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