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22 Responses to “Space: 1899, RIP Gerry Anderson”

  1. theophrastvs says:

    that was excellent.  hey didn’t they have little knuckle-duster side-arms that could do everything needed by a tired script writer?   and what about purple-haired moon console babes? http://www.scifibabes.co.uk/images/ellis.jpg oh wait, that was “UFO” why isn’t that remembered fondly as well?

    • I absolutely love the UFO series! The Interceptor craft that had nuclear missiles for their nose were awesome.

      • Warren Grant says:

         I absolutely agree. UFO is one of those series that seems to have been bypassed by everyone. People keep mentioning Space:1999 (which I considered absolute dreck at the time) when they mention Gerry Anderson, and while I loved Thunderbirds when I was a kid, UFO was always my favorite of his efforts. Almost alone at the time, it was SF with a plot, with characters etc. It is a little laughable to look at their “High Tech” environments now mind you.
        I would love to see a remake of UFO to be honest. I think it would still fly these days, but if given a more “BattleStar Galactica” style treatment might make an excellent series.

        UFO TV Series Opening Credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US7IF31wDVM

  2. kopper says:

    I think you mean Space: 1899, not ’89…

  3. Tim H says:

    I wanted to see the wonky RPG…

  4. Marja Erwin says:

    This is Space: 1899. The roleplaying game is Space: 1889. Incidentally, I don’t like the ways the new version changes the setting from the old version, although I admit there were a lot of rules problems in the old version.

  5. pjcamp says:

    Wow. I totally forgot about the crochet eyebrows. Of course, 1889 was a long time ago.

  6. Mitchell Glaser says:

    That was the real shiznit!

  7. Lee Hauser says:

    Man, I loved UFO! And no one seems to remember “Journey To The Far Side Of the Sun.” All the exploding spaceship miniatures at the end are fantastic…

    • jimh says:

      I remember “Journey To The Far Side Of the Sun.” I always ask people if they remember it. It’s a foggy memory, I watched it as a kid on the Sunday afternoon movie. I just remember the ship being very cool.

  8. The D-Generation did a great parody of Thunderbirds.

  9. getback says:

    This shit and its one-liner text has nothing to do with the legacy of Gerry Anderson and his globally beloved ‘Thunderbirds’ TV show nor is it any type of fitting goodbye to him here…

    When he died after Christmas, I immediately tried to email boingboing to let you guys know.  However, the boingboing masthead has wiped away all its editors contact info ( I quit Farcebook and don’t tweeter) so there was no way to get to word to you.  But if showing crap out-takes from some old movie is how you send off Anderson — the creator of 1960’s hit TV show ‘Thunderbirds’, curator of its museum in London and sweet inventor of iconic puppetry he called *marionation* among other tributes — then I’m proud you didn’t learn of his passing from me first.

    Here’s the world-famous dance track version of the show open, famous everywhere but San Francisco where it would merely be annointed the hackneyed term, ‘mash-up':


    • robuluz says:

      Gerry Anderson did ‘Thunderbirds’, and pioneered a technique he called *marionation*? That’s a pretty big scoop for this audience you’ve got right there.

      The Boing Boing editorial staff weren’t personally available to hear the sad news of his passing directly from you? Well fuck me, the Mayans were right after all. It’s the apocolypse.

  10. AllyPally says:

    Thanks, getback, you wrote what I was thinking. Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet will be around for a long time.

    Space 1999, the raw material for this vid, will not.

  11. Mum and I absolutely love this – thanks for sharing it.

  12. planettom says:

    A YouTube clip of 10 minutes of SPACE:1999 Eagles exploding!

  13. cbhaughn says:

    In addition to Thunderbirds there other shows like Stingray, Supercar, and my favorite Fireball XL5. All very heady stuff for prepubescent nerd like myself growing up in the 60’s. If today’s production techniques had been available to Anderson in his day he would have been unstoppable.

  14. The original and greatest parody, which is also a bit of love letter is by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore : Superthunderstingcar!!!!

    I grew up with the Thunderbirds, love this stuff. I think Anderson’s work got me interested in people like Svankmajer and Fellini, masters of artifice.


  15. Preston Sturges says:

    I always had mixed feelings about Maya, because her shape shifting got a little silly.  Remember when she morphed into a kendo master?  That was more sorcery.  She was always a deus ex machina plot device, and there was nothing alien about her emotions or affect.  Still, viewers did not hate her the way they hated Wesley Crusher.

    • She was right up there with Hawk, the lame character introduced in the second season of Buck Rogers.

      • Preston Sturges says:

        At a minimum, they could have made her any of the stock alien characters (scientist / diplomat / soldier / criminal / slave) instead she was merely one more prissy Brit actor.

  16. Daen de Leon says:

    This was done by a friend of mine who, rather engagingly, didn’t know it had been boingboinged.