Anomia - a fun way to freak out your kid


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  1. Fari Bradley says:

    The thrill of this game is just as in animal snap, packaged and hence more costly.

    • I’ve played Anomia. It’s a really fun and well-thought-out game, put out by a small press. Beats Milton Bradley crap hands down, and is also pretty stellar if you don’t want an iPhone in your face while playing a game.

      • cantsp3ll says:

        Totally agree, extremely well conceived, put out by a real mom&pop shop.

        I play tested this game before release; it’s totally addictive and is almost always one of the first things I like to pull out when hanging out with a friend who throw out a comment like “yeah, I wasn’t really ever that into games, let’s maybe just play some tunes.” Then we play, a lot, and that friend goes and buys it.
        People who don’t play games, love playing this game.

  2. Spieguh says:

    I’m always playing when our group pulls out Anomia, but I think the next time I’ll take photos of the facial expressions this game evokes. Especially if you play several rounds with the “no repeats” rule in place. 

  3. prof_jellis says:

    Sounds like great practice for getting older.  I think the frequency with which I say “what’s the word for __________” is doubling annually.  Maybe playing this will slow things down.  Or  …  mmm …  oh yeah, accelerate (!) the decline.  ordered the game.

  4. theosticles says:

    wow – we have one of the first run printings of this game because the guy who invented it lives in our neighborhood.  I didn’t think it would ever really leave the area, though.  great to see it catching on!

  5. yosemite says:

    Hey, this reminds me of a similar game, “Alzheimer’s”, but the word-finding fun is combined with emotional lability and incontinence. Then there’s “Parkinson’s”, where everyone gets so befuddled we all just rock back and forth and drool.

    Next up: “Traumatic Brain Injury”, where players guess the origin of their massive head wounds on the basis of their crazy discombobulated utterances! Fun for the whole family!

  6. regina says:

    sold. heading out to buy this game now. 

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