Build a kid crafts studio for $50

Handmade Charlotte shows you how to make a kids' crafts studio for about $50. I like the crayon storage cubbies, which allow you to sort crayons by color. Perfect for kids (and more likely, parents) with OCD.

Store All Of Your Kid’s Crafts For Under $50


  1. This is a great idea.  I will be building something like this for my kids soon.  Two thoughts:
    1) Might be nice to build the work surface out of something formaldehyde-free, you know, for the chidren.
    2) Ours will need a way to make rolls of white and craft paper accessible to small children.  No idea how that look or work.

    1. Formaldehyde free is a great idea, but since the project was sponsored by Home Depot, I’m pretty sure they don’t want you to think about the fact the majority of their laminate and pressed wood products are made with those.

      If you’ll note in the image, there are rolls of paper held up by the pegboard.  But I’ll go a step further and make a holder for the dowel at end of the table and add two thin straps of wood that run the depth of the table running from front to back along the top.  Screw them in at the ends.  That way you can run the paper under the straps to cover the table while holding the paper down on the flat surface.  Pull the paper through the other strap and rip it off and it’s even ready to hang on the wall.

  2. All the components are store-bought. How about actually crafting any or all of the components with your child. This isn’t creativity.

  3. Who needs kids? I want one of these myself. My wife and I currently do our crafts right on the dining room table. Sometimes it’s just too cold to go out to my garage to make things.

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