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4 Responses to “Short film adaptation of JG Ballard's "Crash" from 1971”

  1. neuro says:

    Since BBC FOUR didn’t exist until 2002, I’m going to guess they weren’t made “for” the digital-only channel … it was screened on BBC 2 at the time.

    • Lemoutan says:

      I believe I saw this as a science-fiction-reading teenager. It would have been on something like ‘One Pair of Eyes’. I may’ve read Drowned World by then and never did learn to drive. Wish I’d’ve known it was Gabrielle Drake though.

  2. liquidself says:

    Curses! I ve been on a art/bike (both of which I truly love) kick in contrapposto to a sculptor friends obsession with cars.   Now I have this karmic backlash to deal with!  I truly love Ballard as well and Crash (and Cronenbergs adaptation).  What to do?  Should I capitulate and post on my own wall?  Should I post to their wall and risk inflaming their obsession?

  3. Tavie says:

    That book was really hard to read while sitting next to people on the subway. Embarrassing.