2600 radio tribute to Aaron Swartz

Emmanuel Goldstein from 2600 magazine sez, "We've gotten such a strong response to this and wanted to make sure anyone who knew Aaron - or who simply knew OF him - got a chance to hear the hour-long tribute from Wednesday's 'Off The Hook' radio program in New York, a show he was a guest on only a few months ago. We played an excerpt of that, along with part of an incredible interview with Aaron at age 14 that underlines what a remarkable person he was. We also delved into the issue of depression in our community with excerpts from the 'Geeks and Depression' panel at HOPE Number Nine, and we had a roundtable discussion on what we can do better and where people at risk can turn. It's part of a continuing conversation that we need to have in every conceivable forum.


  1. I listened to this recording yesterday. There are few people who can give a perspective on being imprisoned for hacking like people who’ve actually been to jail for hacking.

    I was also glad to hear Mitch Altman, who’s been leading an impressive community effort to acknowledge depression and suicide in the tech community. I’ve also found the stories at http://bluehackers.org/ helpful.

    1-800-273-TALK (8255) is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the US and Canada.

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