True facts about the seahorse

The absolute best part about this video: As far as I can tell, all of the facts in it are, in fact, true.

The seahorse: Naturally hilarious.


  1. Every aquarium in the world that has a seahorse exhibit should have a monitor with this video playing on a continuous loop. Preferably with some additional footage of seahorse porn. 

  2. A cool seahorse related thing: The Wilmington, NC aquarium has a seahorse exhibit. One of the little guys got his swim bladder all kerfluey so they were trying to figure out how to fix it. Well, putting him under more pressure was the solution it seemed. So, how was that done? They put him into a small container and then lowered him down in his little container into the great big tank – all the way to the bottom. And that fixed him all up. I just always liked to imagine this little guy going on that terrible ride down past the sharks, the moray eels, the skates, and all those bigger fishes who probably thought he looked like a nice snack.

  3. Seahorses will eat brine shrimp, but they don’t do so in the wild– brine shrimp are restricted to inland salt lakes– and Seahorse Foods and Feeding notes, “Many fish stores recommend feeding this because as a live food, a lot of seahorses will react to it and eat it. However, there is virtually no nutritional value to them, and because seahorses have a short digestive tract, they can not even make use of the little bit nutrients there. Seahorses fed only this will slowly die of starvation, sometimes over a period of months.”  (She goes on to suggest foods that will work, notably Mysis shrimp– which is a seahorse staple in the wild.)

  4. Absolutely hilarious video. But no; a number of the facts there are wrong. I don’t blame zefrank; they’ve been passed around the interwebs since time immemorial. I still loved every silly minute of it.

    1.  If you watch his other ‘true facts’ shows, I believe you’ll start to see where he’s going with it.

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