TARDIS dress is bigger on the inside

Jere7my sez, "This lovely young woman brought the house down at Arisia this year with her stunning "TARDIS Princess" dress. A "door" on the skirt opened to show the TARDIS control room, giving it the illusion of being "bigger on the inside"... I believe the creator/model is Sasha Trabane."

TARDIS dress. (Thanks, Jere7my!)


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  1. cheshireforhire says:

    Delightful and creative.  

  2. Omar Kooheji says:

    Kind of reminds of this Marie Antoinette TARDIS Dress http://www.ohmz.net/2012/05/23/marie-antoinette-tardis-dress/

  3. awjt says:

    super awesome.  I like how the center of the room looks like a peg-leg, and the whole perspective just WORKS.

  4. chgoliz says:



  5. Tamar Amidon says:

    the hat lights up too. She was really lovely, letting folks take pics and check out all the little details

  6. welcomeabored says:

    It’s in the nature of magic, to fool the eye, and remind us not to come to any conclusions based on what we see.

  7. Snoopy’s doghouse was always bigger on the inside, too.

  8. Chentzilla says:

    “Free for use of public”.

  9. Deidzoeb says:

    Made from the fabric in Clive Barker’s Weaveworld?

  10. Meta: Post was tagged with ARISA … which should be ARISIA (as was correctly spelled within the post).

  11. Mr. Son says:

    And she wears it well, too! (Not sarcasm – I actually think she looks nice.)

  12. Rider says:

    It’s clearly smaller on the outside.  

  13. jere7my says:

    Thanks, Cory! Now that these two photos are getting so much attention, I wish I’d used my proper camera instead of my iPhone. :P I think Arisia was featured here last year, too, for the life-size Stormtrooper cake.

    Arisia 2013 was spectacular for Dr. Who costumes. There was a fierce Leela with a working K-9 (who could go down the escalator!), a headless automaton, a terrifying Weeping Angel who swapped her beatific mask for a scary one when the lights went down, a dapper steampunk Cyberman, a bunch of Doctors of various incarnations, and probably other things I’m forgetting. I have more photos in my Flickr feed (linked above), as well as a self-portrait of me, looking very happy, modeling the six-foot fleece centipede scarf that is the best thing I’ve ever owned.

    The TARDIS dressmaker and model can be found at http://www.facebook.com/TRADISPRINCESS [sic].

  14. Christian Ficara says:


  15. ocker3 says:

    Clever Girl…

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