The hobbit reimagined as a Golden Book

Rosemary says: "At school we are all busy putting together our portfolios to apply for co op placements this summer and one of my teachers keeps talking about ‘making art you want to get hired to do’. Well I would love to be hired to illustrate a kids book one day and man would I ever love to work on a Tolkien adaptation!"

A Little Tokien Book


    1. Yeah, school girl who has executed an interesting original idea with a clearly commercial level of skill, couldn’t you re-imagine the characters as well?

      1. Well, yeah. Remember before the films? Every hobbit book looked different and the only things they had in common were elements explicitly described in the books.
        After the first movie every hobbit and burrow and wizard started looking the same.

        Also the key difference between professional and student work is a pay check and why are you phrasing that being a girl is somehow a bad thing?

        1. My point is that the concept and execution are excellent for student level, and you pissing all over it because it doesn’t meet your exacting standards is very internet of you.

          why are you phrasing that being a girl is somehow a bad thing?

          I’m phrasing that picking on school girls is a bad thing, and phrasing that with some level of irony. But if it suits your political sensibilities better, you may substitute ‘school kid’ for ‘school girl’, and reconsider at your leisure.

    2. I might agree… if Bilbo had ever cracked a smile in the new film.  Book Bilbo is a cheerful, pudgy, little guy; Film Bilbo looks like he has an ulcer.

      1. Film Bilbo is pretty much a tiny, hairy-footed Arthur Dent, at least for the first third of the movie.

        1. Martin Freeman, who I quite like, does seem to be a bit typecast in this type of role – he did of course actually play Arthur Dent in the 2005 film, and his Dr. Watson in Sherlock shares many similar traits. 

          I suppose it isn’t fair to call it typecasting since he has played many other types of characters, but those three roles are easily his best known (as well as his role in the original UK The Office, of course).

    3. Kinda missing the point–the Golden Books that have come out in years are all based on licenses, so the film-look of these pieces are intended to keep that theme.

  1. Were it not for Chris Tolkien I’m sure this might be doable.

    C’mon! I’d buy it for my niece. Gotta get ’em on the classics early.

  2. See, this is one of the reasons I loathe Jackson’s Tolkien films: they have largely supplanted the books in the common imagination. The above is a children’s book version of THE MOVIE, not the book (which is titled “The Hobbit: or There and Back Again”. UGH.

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