Unloading supplies onto the International Space Station

As Matt Lynley put it, "Meanwhile, in space ..."


    1. Yeah, that looks like kinda iffy for sure.  (Sometimes it’s a good thing that in space no one can hear you scream.)

      Maybe it’s just the perspective. 

      1. And speed.  Don’t forget speed.  This is an animated gif, so it could be she’s travelling much slower thus chances of getting a bad head injury is not as great.

        Still owww, if it did happen.

    2. Watching that ISS tour that was posted here the other day had me thinking the same thing. The astronaut giving the tour was constantly narrowly missing hitting her head, I kept wincing on her behalf.

      1.  Considering you don’t have to fight gravity to move on the ISS, perhaps hitting your head doesn’t involve as much force?

        1. She is weightless while in orbit, but her mass is exactly same as it is on Earth. Force = mass x speed, so the force of impact would be exactly the same in orbit as on Earth.

  1. I assume it’s an issue with shadows and the contrast of a white sock/boot against a white background but; the feet of the guy doing the sorting look unusually skinny, almost like a prosthetic. I can’t look away.

      1. For me; no. I saw right off how he was remaining stable (because my brain needed to deal with that first). It was looking at how he was fixing his feet in place that led me to the above issue.

  2. I’m having a hard time not thinking about how long those guys have gone without seeing a woman, and how she’s being loaded onboard like an object…

    1. Well then scoot back from your keyboard, take a couple of deep breaths, and focus on the fact that a) it’s a sight gag, b) if they’re unloading, they last saw women earlier in the day at Baikonur, and c) it’s a sight gag.  From the practical side of the sight gag, she’s probably the only member of the crew small enough to pull it off. I’m pretty sure from the grins on everyone’s faces that everyone including the “object” are in on the joke.

      EDIT: I do see your point, and, while a lot of the time it is about gender and power, it’s not always about gender and power. Sometimes it’s just about funny. And, as you surely know from reading BoingBoing, low/zero G has just about infinite potential for funny. Just sayin’.

      1. it’s not always about gender and power. Sometimes it’s just about funny.

        Who gets to decide? The exact same thing can be said about every bigoted joke ever uttered, and there’s no hard and fast rule that objectively defines who’s a bigot and who’s a victim.

         I laughed, and wasn’t offended…. but if someone else says they *are* offended, I’m not going to tell them they’re wrong.

    2.  There have been 31 women on the ISS, including 2 commanders of said ISS.  Why would you assume they hadn’t seen one in a while?

          1. I’ll admit to having been successfully trolled here, if that was your intent. If not, please remember to close your irony and sarcasm tags.

          2. I don’t even like to open them.  I leave everything to the will o’ the wind.  Even the very definition of irony.

          3. I didn’t take any offense.  I just thought it was a stupid thing to say. (I often have trouble identifying statements as jokes when they are not funny. The only irony I can see is that your attempt at mock-feminist concern trolling was actually relatively anti-feminist.)

  3. “Now we all know women make the best hostages. They’re smaller, easy to take along, eat less, smell nice.” http://www.hark.com/clips/cjxtbqzwcj-we-all-know-women-make-the-best-hostages

    1. Thank you! The video gives a lot more context, and the gag works better at normal speed.

       I’m a little sad that these videos haven’t changed much since Skylab. I’d rather be watching astronauts interact with stuff that’s never been on earth.

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