I know a kid who will be building the LEGO Ideas International Space Station

This LEGO Ideas version of the International Space Station pretty much made my 10-year-old nephew's head explode.

Complete with astronaut minifigs and a mini-Space Shuttle, this 864 piece kit is pretty hard to turn away from.

LEGO Ideas International Space Station 21321 Building Kit, Adult Set for Display, Makes a Great Birthday Present, New 2020 (864 Pieces) Read the rest

A Beautiful World: Earth as seen from the International Space Station

Here's a beautiful NASA music video and photo montage with awe-inspiring shots from ISS Expedition 56. Read the rest

Watch a Chinese space station fall to earth

Launched in 2011, Tiangong-1 was China's first space station. In the past seven years, it hasn't gotten a lot of use – only two crews of astronauts have spent time on it, in 2012 and 2013. Despite this, Tiangong-1 remained fully operational until, in 2016, China's space agency, the China National Space Administration, lost contact with it. As you read this, Tiangong-1 is falling towards earth. Each orbit it takes brings it closer to our atmosphere. Soon, gravity will finish the job it started, pulling Tiangong-1 back to earth.

No one's quite sure where the eight-ton piece of space junk is going to land yet, but thanks to the Virtual Telescope Project, it's possible to watch it as it comes down.

From Space.com:

As Tiangong-1 makes its last few orbits of Earth before burning up in the atmosphere in a few days, you can watch the Chinese space station live online through a robotically controlled telescope at The Virtual Telescope Project.

Live coverage of the event will start Wednesday (March 28) at 8 a.m. EDT (1200 GMT), but the organizers said the timing could change closer to the event. You can visit this page on The Virtual Telescope Project's website to see updates.


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Astronaut says flight to Space Station felt like “burrito of awesomeness smothered in awesome sauce“

"It’s so beautiful," U.S. astronaut Jack Fischer described today's trip to the ISS to his wife. The experience, he said, was "a burrito of awesomeness smothered in awesome sauce." Read the rest

Greens grown in space are now on Space Station astronaut menu

Crew members on Expedition 44, including NASA's one-year astronaut Scott Kelly, harvested some "Outredgeous" red romaine lettuce Monday, Aug. 10, from the Veggie plant growth system on the nation’s orbiting laboratory.

“Nominal” Soyuz launch sends Expedition 44 crew of three to International Space Station

Today's launch was a good one.

ISS crew forced to take shelter from hazardous space junk. Again.

All ISS systems continued to operate normally while the Russian cosmonauts and NASA astronaut sheltered.

Space in ultra-high def: NASA releases 4K video from International Space Station

An unprecedented look at what it's like to live and work aboard the ISS.

Unloading supplies onto the International Space Station

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