Pirate sheet-set

$110 gets you a set of Beyond Bedding's Treasure Cove Pirate bedding -- comforter, shams, and a collection of appliques. It's markketed as "Children's Bedding," but a) it comes in queen size, and b) grownups make better pirates than kids do. As IO9's Annalee Newitz says, "Basically you can turn every object in your immediate vicinity into something aaaaaaarrrguably more awesome."

Treasure Cove Pirate Childrens Bedding (via IO9)


  1. And conversely, this sheet set doesn’t really seem like something you’d put in a kid’s room unless your last name was Vader: http://www.beyond-bedding.com/black-diamond-jacquard-modern-twin-kids-bedding-set.html

    1. I can see a potentially huge demographic for this sheet set: a family that cosplays Addams Family 24/7! Imagine how many sets they’ll sell! Not that it’d be awkward or anything, of course…

  2. I think the two outdoors shots in the windows are actually the same picture, just with different brightness filters on them.

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