The Zero Dark Thirty files


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  1. The Zero Dark Thirty SCANDAL Files –

    • Cowicide says:

      Thanks for the great link.  I’m very dissapointed in the recent softball interviews of Bigelow by Stewart and Colbert.

      She keeps telling us she’s just reporting things as they happened, but that’s a genuine crock of shit and it was disgusting to watch Colbert let her get away with that.

      She left out the part in REALITY where it’s shown that the use of torture not only didn’t help get Bin Laden, but it actually delayed his capture.

      Source that Bigelow, Stewart and Colbert are ignoring:

      Propaganda trash.  Bigelow should be ashamed of herself, but I guess money and fame mean more to her than being a decent, truthful human being.  What a loser.

      Thanks for nothing, Bigelow.

  2. The most infuriating thing about the whole Zero Dark Thirty scandal is that every single person forever forever forever forever spelled his name Osama Bin Laden… then he dies and all of a sudden it’s Usama Bin. I legit had no idea if they caught the most wanted man ever, or his lesser known brother. We had like 30 years to come to a consensus about what letter to start this asswad’s name with and then all of a sudden they just switch it up and NEVER offer an explanation. That’s the real scandal.

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