10,000 crocodiles escape


10 Responses to “10,000 crocodiles escape”

  1. oasisob1 says:

    I look forward to an entire series of posts tagged ‘Who will be eaten first’.

  2. Jay Shepard says:

    I think you mean to refer to it as the “great grey-green, greasy” limpopo river. (All set about with fever trees.)

  3. Christopher says:

    “‘Come hither, Little One,’ said the Crocodile, ‘for I am the Crocodile,’ and he wept crocodile-tears to show it was quite true.”
    -Rudyard Kipling

  4. yojensen says:

    Archer’s not gonna like this…

  5. robcat2075 says:

    So… swarms of crocodiles in a river in Africa is not a normal state of affairs?

  6. Lemoutan says:

    Oh I say, it’s just too too crocalyptic.

  7. Ivan says:

    ……with luck we’ll see less rhino poaching

  8. PhosPhorious says:

    See you later , alligators.

  9. Velocirapt42 says:

    Meh, the areas with Parktown Prawns won’t bat an eyelash. 

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