Why didn't Crocodiles go the way of the dino?

It's that time again. Every few years, the Jurrasic Park franchise stomps into cinemas and upends the dominance of superhero films. For a few weeks, in either direction of the film's release, the world descends into dino-mania. It's like the reptile equivalent of Discovery's Shark Week. 

Since dinosaurs have been in the public consciousness for the last month, I thought it'd be interesting to look into a question that's bugged me for decades. Why did Crocodiles, which are essentially dinosaurs, make it to the current era while other dinos didn't? There must be a better answer than simply winning the genetic lottery and evolution. 

In the video embedded above, the YouTuber Paleo Analysis tackles the topic and explains what biological changes crocodiles had to make to survive from the Mesozoic era to now. After watching the video, I love that I cannot help but reframe Steve Irwin as a real-life version of Ka-Zar.