Pee-Wee Herman cycling skinsuit


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  1. Ed Haydin says:

    could use the world champion rainbow stripes on the leg hem.

  2. paddle2paddle says:

    Oh hell yeah!

  3. millie fink says:

    “Pee-wee takes the cake.” 

    Wasn’t that the name of his last movie?

  4. rocketpjs says:

    Awesome and I wish I had the body shape to get away with those cycling outfits.

  5. Terry Border says:

    Very nice. I don’t understand the circle around the crotch though.

  6. Rusty Brooks says:

    Hm, I’m doing a charity ride in May, having trouble getting donations.  Maybe if I promise to dress as Peewee or Superman and post pics…

  7. Infiniteworld says:

    We’re pulling for you PeeWee!

  8. parfae says:

    Sure, but you’d probably get your bike stolen if you wore it.

  9. Jake0748 says:


  10. Halloween_Jack says:

    One of the past years in RAGBRAI had someone riding in a full Captain America costume, complete with foam rubber muscles, and a little shield on the front of his handlebars. Not sure how he stood the heat in Iowa in the last week of July. There was a guy last year who had a full-body (including full head mask) tie-dye leotard. RAGBRAI is pretty incredible, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that someone rode the whole thing (across Iowa from west to east) with a Pee-Wee Herman costume on a faithful reproduction of his bike. 

  11. noah django says:

    eh, that’s breddy gud, I guess.  During my tenure as a messenger here in Atlanta, I went as Pee Wee for my first Halloween.  Full thrift store costume, and my bike was already red, then I added some chrome fenders to it.  The part that solidified my rep in the messenger community was, at Ms. Vaughn the clerk’s behest (she was dressed as a witch,) I did the Pee-Wee dance on the counter of the Fulton County Superior Court clerk’s office.  I had “Tequila” on my walkman with an amplified speaker.  When I went up on my toes, the whole office erupted into bedlam.

  12. showme says:

    I heard they manufacture these in the basement of the Alamo.

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