Trailer for season 2 of Black Mirror, scariest/best sf on TV

Here's the trailer for the new season of Charlie Booker's Channel 4 science fiction series Black Mirror. The first season was the best science fiction TV I've ever seen, better even than The Twilight Zone. The trailer itself is so gloriously creepy and wonderful in every way that it makes me want to hide under the bed until the episodes start airing.

Black Mirror (via IO9)


  1. After I saw Black Mirror I wrote Cory and said, ‘Have you seen this. It is Great! You must see this just so I can talk to you about it.”
    At the time i wrote him, back in January 2012, he had not. Obviously he has since. I’m looking forward to season 2 and hopefully more people can watch it so I can talk to them about the shows.

  2. How did I miss this?!  Apart from his “wipes” series, “Dead Set” is also worth tracking down if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if the last place to hide from the zombie apocalpyse was the “Big Brother” house.

  3. Black Mirror was easily the best thing on TV in a long long time, can’t wait for series 2, hope there’s more than 3 episodes, but if the quality’s the same I’ll forgive them for keeping it short. If anyone still hasn’t seen this, just go, go watch it now!

    1.  I’d recommend Utopia for anyone who liked Black Mirror. Very odd & gory conspiracy thriller also on CH4

      1. As a MASSIVE fan of Black Mirror – I started watching Utopia last night – definitely interesting!

        Loved Black Mirror though, easily one of the best things on Television – I only hope it’s won some awards so it gets the credit it deserves.

  4. You did not tell me about this earlier.  I will hold it against you.

    @spacedoggy – season 2 is also three episodes unfortunately.

    1. Well, half-way into the first episode, I’m already disheartened and disappointed in the complete lack of technical veracity.  To be fair, the first few minutes set that tone though, with, “it came from an encrypted IP address.”

      Seriously, how hard is it just to reference real concepts?  Every day more people understand these concepts, and to those that don’t, one piece of gobbledygook will sound just as incomprehensible as another.  I really struggle to see the reason for using nonsense terms and concepts.

      I do understand the need for plot devices to move the story along, but you can do that by simply not going into specifics, rather than being specifically nonsensical.  A consult with someone who knows enough to fill in the technical blanks with something sensible, yet still entertaining would probably cost almost nothing.

      The subject matter makes this all the more deplorable.  I’ll stick out the rest of the season, but at this stage I’m feeling rather let down by Cory’s recommendation.  Oh well, first time for everything I suppose ;)

        1. Personally I thought the first was the weaker of the 3 – but even then it was very thought provoking (although also shocking for the sake of it)

          In he writes about his inspiration for the first series (scroll down to the bottom for episode by episode stuff). If you’re not from the UK the reference to Gordon Brown being “forced” by the media to go to apologise to Gillian Duffy may not resonate – but I’m sure there are similar stories in most modern countries, where the media talking heads decide on a sentiment to follow and things play out in a way that wasn’t predicted…

          1. The following two episodes were significantly better, I’ll admit.  Thanks for the article link too.

            I guess I understand the point he was trying to make, but I just couldn’t let go of the notion that it was completely ridiculous to suggest that people would expect that the PM should consider going through with such a thing, and more so that he actually did.  It just made all the characters ring completely false to me.

        2. The last scene was unnecessary, but I felt it was well done, throughout the arc of emotion, stupidity, and horror that would run through the (any) country.

  5. Looks like you have to buy the UK DVD and have a compatible DVD player. Is there an easy way to test to see if the DVD will play on my computer?

    1.  Derp. This is why piracy exists. Studios have got to figure out how to distribute (isn’t that basic?). You can torrent this show and have it in 9 minutes.

  6. Can anyone give a quick synopsis of the premise, for those of us in the US that haven’t heard of it? I just got caught up on Walking Dead and am looking for a new show to get involved in..

    1. No single premise. It’s episodic. Think Twilight Zone and the like. The first season was truly warped and brilliant stuff and I am soooo stoked to see more. More. More. More. More.

    2. Every episode is a different story, loosly based around the theme of a possible dystopian near future.
      Episode 1 deals a bizarre ransom situation, in the modern information age where nothing can be kept secret from the press and social media.
      Episode 2 is about the enslavement of the masses through placation using interactive entrainment, virtual goods and reality tv, to distract people from the obvious truth.
      Episode 3 is about a futuristic world where almost everyone carries an implanted device that records every hour of every day of ones life. any moment from your past can be saved, accessed, watched, and instantly shared. the episode deals with the pedantic nature of the human condition, the tendency to dwell on the past, and how the condition becomes exacerbated by this technology.

  7. I watched the first two episodes of season 1 tonight. Wow.

    Thank you very much for the heads up, Cory. This show is outstanding.

    1. Same here… never heard of this before, but on Cory’s tip just watched S01E01.  Damn, it’s good.

        1. Also watched S01E01 last night, based on this trailer. That was warped. In a Blue Jam kind of way. Can’t wait for the rest.

  8. “15 million merits” blew me away and the other 2 episodes in S1 were great, it seems to have gone under a lot of sci-fi fans radar, I can’t wait for the new season.

    1.  Nah, there was the Walpurgisnacht summit a few years back, they region-locked all scrying and divination devices. Those mirrors nearly got banned in Germany, but the case got thrown out cos the edges are bevelled, not rounded. No prior art, y’see.

  9. I’ll take the recommendations and try to find this.  I’d never heard of it before now.  I’m thinking that the commercial has meaning if you’ve seen Series 1, but as it is, when it ended I was thinking it was an incomplete commercial for some new cellphone and was still waiting for the commercial about the series.

    1. Not really as each episode is a completely different story, what the ad does is set the mood and hint at the subjects – it’s pretty dark and relies heavily on suspense and mystery, so the ads can’t really be anything more than vague.

      Just watch it. Watch it twice.

  10. I love how the trailer started like one of those ubiquitous YouTube ads for some tablet or other; I went into neutral waiting for the real trailer to begin, and was excellently surprised when it went all Brookerish.

  11. I know UK TV is stingy in the amount of content they dish out, but three episodes is a Series now?  Geez!

  12. My partner and I marathoned season one last night.  Episode one was definitely the weakest, but it was still bracing.  Episode 3 was excellent television, with a smart hook and a devastating, yet completely plausible payoff.  But episode 2 blew us away.  She and I were shaken by its conclusion, and spent close to two hours talking about the themes and execution of that episode alone.  Cory was right: this is the best sci-fi TV series in years, and it’s a damn shame that it’s all but unknown in the States.  You can find the episodes…out there.

    1. I did too, holy bejeesus are they (especially 3) dark. 2 makes a lot of sense considering Brooker’s scathing criticism of news, “reality” programming and other media.

  13. Erm.. this is not the trailer. This is a promo, shot entirely independently of the show, has only minor subtle references to the show. Yes, I do know what I’m talking about.

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