Edwardian Ball and World's Faire 2013, captured in video

Funny person and accomplished video storyteller Mark Day sends us this wonderful video he's just completed, and explains its contents: "Operatic shenanigans at the Edwardian Ball 2013, with the Vau de Vire Society, excessive corsetry and several steampunk googles sightings!"


    1. Queen Mary (Mary of Teck), 1901, during the reign of Edward VII in the black.  And 1902 in the lighter color.

      1. If you look at later Edwardian period  you’ll see how more natural the profile became, almost Georgian as in Jane Austen’s time.  Only tens years after 1900 but the wasp waist look was dead.

        1. Kind of a mixed bag, actually, but definitely transitioning into the 20th century, less inhibiting clothing.

  1. Who cares if it’s “period correct”, it looks like a most wonderful time! So much creativity! More like a time-travellers ball, eh? And these people are not just “gluing gears on it and calling it steampunk”.

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