My Bloody Valentine release "MBV," first album in two decades, upload to YouTube: listen here.

My Bloody Valentine

The two-decade wait is over for fans of My Bloody Valentine: finally, a new album.

"MBV," out today, is their first since 1991's critically-acclaimed "Loveless."

"We are preparing to go live with the new album/website this evening," the famed Dublin, Ireland-based shoegazers said via Facebook and Twitter on Saturday. "We will make an announcement as soon as its up."

And now, it's up. They're offering it on vinyl, CD, and digital download (16bit 44.1K WAV, 320kbps MP3, or 24bit 96K WAV), but they've also taken a pretty radical step by uploading every song on "MBV" to YouTube on the same night as the paid formats debut.

Buzzfeed has a good backgrounder for new fans, including details on the "chinchilla problem" suffered by creative force Kevin Shields and singer Bilinda Butcher. The music blog Brooklyn Vegan has more on today's release. Here's details from the band's website (which was periodically overwhelmed with traffic tonight). The band's Twitter account is @theofficialmbv, and their Amazon catalog is here.

Below, My Bloody Valentine's long-awaited new album "MBV" in YouTube embed form, in the official track order. Buy it here.

(thanks, Tara McGinley)


  1. no words can… i mean… WTF… this is amazing. didn’t know the stuff on YT was official. glad it’s there, the uncompressed WAVs are taking f o r e v e r to download!

    1. The uncompressed WAVs are worth the download time. My download just finished a few minutes ago. Playing now.This will cure my cold and bring world peace.

  2. Feeling a profound sense of happy incredulity.  (I’m sure the Germans have a more precise word for this)

  3. already having fun…
    start ‘nothing is’

    and then watch 

    i usually despise groups hanging around past their expiry date – but i am liking the new lp.

  4. This is almost as cool as being 18 again, but jeez guys, I’m on cheap internet here .. haven’t you heard of FLAC?

  5. First track (“wonder 2”) sounded like classic MBV meets William Burroughs tape-cut-up method or something, noisy loops of mangled old tracks, and not in a good way. Was worried I wasn’t going to enjoy it, and am not sure if I enjoyed some of the other tracks that moved off formula (I’m sure they’ll grow on me once — I’ve just been waiting for “another Loveless” for so long that I’m primed against change, which I know is colossally unfair to the artists, especially after so long), but for fans of Loveless, the last three tracks — WOW — “she found now”, “only tomorrow”, and “who sees you” are incredible and the kind of tracks worth waiting twenty years for! Amazing stuff. They haven’t aged as well as other contemporaries like Spiritualized or Slowdive/Neil Halstead in my opinion, but on the strength of those last three tracks alone this is a must-get for anyone who grew up on this stuff.

    1. Sorry, I’m just going by the top-to-bottom order on the YouTube list; that’s why I included the names. If it’s the other way on the album, that makes more sense, stacking the songs from “classic mbv” to new directions, easing people into it.

  6. Note: Seems to be a small/new British E-tailer: my card was declined a few times going directly, then declined once using paypal before finally being accepted: after which my issuer immediately phoned me to confirm the charge.  If you have the same issues, persistence apparently pays off.

  7. What a great and amazing day. I have been waiting for this for a long time.

    I’ll be honest, I never really expected them to release any more material. It had been so long, it seemed like it would never happen. Thanks for the post!

    1. The sound quality is really good (I downloaded the 96kHz/24b with my CD purchase) and wonderfully dense without any brickwalling. Lots of lovely rumbles and booms.

  8. I got into a heap o trouble after following this article to You Tube and sharing LP link to Facebook. I thought I got the info from LA Times, but it was YOU who posted info about the LP. Check this out. I wrote this to Pitchfork thinking I got my lead from LA Times. 

    I went to your page the dweebs at Sunshine HQ Limited sent Facebook after me after I shared the LP posted on the Official My Bloody Valentine website and I received a letter from Facebook this morning stating that I’d engaged in copyright infringement for sharing the LP – which My Bloody Valentine themselves posted – on my Facebook page. I’m not an jerk, I bought the LP. I enjoyed it and thought I’d share it. I’m an old fan and own almost all of their CDs. 
    I went to your site and saw a couple of vieos and noticed when you click on the one denoting a “new song” they were playing live, the content is removed and you get the YouTube ‘meh’ face and static background. I wrote a letter to Facebook, to Sunshine HQ neckbeards and appealed to whatever lawyer troll is maintaining the YouTube page that I was really angry at being threatened with removal from a social network because I shared something they posted on Youtube. I find it really, really sloppy. Seriously, like I “own” anything I post on Facebook in the first place. By rights, I thought I sacrificed privacy of my own material whenever I use the site. I thought that was the point of Facebook, anyways. It’s not like I’m putting pictures of Kevin Shield’s junk on Facebook. 

    I am on a damage control campaign and I want to know if Sunshine contacted you threatening you. I mean, if LA Times posts an article stating the music was on YouTube, I listen to it and share it – it’s not like I had to know ANYTHING about computers to push the button marked “F” for facebook and share it. I did notice that Pirate Bay was at the top of the Google search for My Bloody Valentine MBV, so I’m thinking that Sunshine got spooked and took a swipe at the entire internet because that band posted their own LP without Sunshine’s approval. And look, info I cut and pasted from “TheOficcialMBV” channel on Youtube is in permanent highlightbecause they’re now tracking me like I’m a criminal. 
     at  Sunshine HQ Limited, the people controlling the copyright info on their YouTube website 

    Sincerely, someone who visits Pitchfork every day and thinks they’re totally amazing,
    Joseph Phillips

  9.  Sunshine HQ, My Bloody Valentine, and you explaining that my access to a social network that robs me of copyright protection should not be affected by your stupid fight. If that band wants to post their LP on You Tube to share, it’s not my problem. I bought the album! I paid for a digital download. I thought it was awesome, so i shared it. L.A. Times got info from Pitchfork that MBV was going to “make a risky move” or some such palaver and -gasp – post their record on You Tube after their website crashed. I went to the website because they said they’d be playing it for everyone, and the site was crashed. Pitchfork tells LA Times MBV put it on You Tube. I shared it on Facebook, and now, like your website proclaims: In our proceeding against Facebook (more information) we will soon reach the point where the Irish data protection authority will make a final and legally binding decision, effecting every user of Facebook. It is likely that the outcome will not really be in favor of the users but in favor of Facebook. We want to be prepared.So, you’re attacking Facebook users to damage Facebook? Or are they using me as a human data shield?  Kind of like putting a hit out on someone’s kids. I mean, seriously, I’m a laid off housekeeping manager for nursing homes. Am I to be the target of copyright rage? Is it because the band refused to follow the directions of their copyright trolls? MBV is from Ireland. Now it makes sense. Facebook and/or Sunshine HQ Limited  is attacking me, someone who shares recipes for home-made shampoos and jokes and pictures of the snow in my neighborhood, because they’re not wanting to step on the toes of an organization that doesn’t want an indie rock band to share its music on the internet. I am forwarding this letter to the L.A. Times because I don’t have control over what My Bloody Valentine does. if they share something to You Tube, I have nothing to do with who shares content posted there on their channel.
    I was possibly attacked by a copyright security company Sunshine HQ Limited busy lawyeratin’ from the cockpit of a neckbeard 1980s Professor Peabody’s CD Burnin’ Fortress of Stupitude
    I am being tracked with cookie by the same company by registering with My Bloody Valentine’s website in order to buy the CD. This is an invasion of MY Privacy because I never agreed to be treated like a criminal because I chose to buy something. If this is the case, then LPS are now copyright infringement. Did My Bloody Valentine break their contract to get their fans punished for using the media they use to advertise their music – You can still share their new songs from the website, just not the entire album from one web page. You have to go to each song/page separately  Sloppy. Stupid! MBV plays a “new song” live recently, someone records a shitty copy, sends it to Pitchfork, they post it and today, guess what? It’s been ripped down, too. You click the link and get the “content removed ‘meh’ face notice” with the static background instead of video. 
    Go fight somewhere else. Is it that Facebook is throwing me under the bus? Or are you? Why am I being caught in the middle of this? Kiss my ass!Thank you,
    Joseph Phillips

    And this letter is going to the LA Times

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